Enagic® is a privately held Japanese company founded by Mr. Hironari Ohshiro in 1974. a company committed to fostering better health with Gold Standard products and international expansion.

Enagic® spent over two and a half years designing the sophisticated 8-Point Commission Structure. This program has been awarded a United States patent, and distributors across the globe are now experiencing unparalleled success and financial growth as a result.

We all know today you cannot do any great business without an investment.

We believe that this Human Based Marketing is the most effective and fair way to do business in today’s economy, as it brings equal opportunity for those who want to build prosperity for themselves and their families.

We all are aware of these above companies which don’t have their stockings they just providing a service and serve now we can see where they have reached today & future potential of India will be surely incredible.

Enagic® dynamically designed compensation plan, which offers you different ways of earning income, is truly exciting for distributors.

-> No sign-up fee

-> No monthly qualifications*

-> No stocking of inventory

-> No annual renewal

-> No time limits

-> Accumulative sales

-> International sponsoring

-> Pays daily


Till Current Year 1,45,000+ Units in India has been Installed, as the Adoption Rate is around Early Adopters.*

Indian Population is 138+ Crore and in 2027 India’s Will Highest in the world.

Urban Population is  49+ Crore (35%)

Pan card holder:  50+ Crore

Income tax returns filed this year have risen by about 5% to nearly 6 Crore as more businesses and entities filed annual income statements.

India’s Demat account holders more than double in 3 years to 7.38 crore in Oct. 2021 (Source : Ministry of Finance)

NRI – 3.08+ Crore (you can do business around the world in 190 Countries)

Fact* 40% Of Hotel & Motel Businesses in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS OWNED BY INDIANS.


IONIZER USERS IN JAPAN – 3+ Crore Japanese citizens

Enagic® is a unique and exceptional opportunity in industry because we make our own products and we have an unrivaled, patented 8-point compensation plan. We will continue to spread the message of True Health.

Whereas India’s population is 138+ Crore as mentioned before so in upcoming years Crores of Indian families will use water ionizers.


India now has highest number of crypto owners in the world with More than 10 crore people own cryptocurrencies in the country.

More than 7 per cent of country’s population owns crypto.

*India will have 500 million 5G users by 2027, accounting for 39% of all mobile subscribers, according to the 2021 edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report published.

We need to know this: Enagic® compensates 8 points for every machine.

Now let’s assume you have decided to purchase any product of ENAGIC®, so you have to buy it from any Well Wisher™ (Existing Users), according to company’s business plan, when you purchase from any Well Wisher™ that person (Existing Users) will get a reward. After few weeks or months when some of your friends or your relatives will purchase from you at that time you will get reward and you can get reward beyond the 8 Points!

8-Point Patented Compensation Structure 


The number of points you earn is the same as your rank (1A distributor is paid for 1 point).
The point value varies for each machine.
Distributors are paid from the bottom up.


When you start sharing these amazing machines with your contacts, any of them purchase units from you. The people that bought from you, like it so much that they also share it with their contacts and join in the same way.

Direct Units:
2 x ₹ 11,XXX = ₹ 22,XXX
Indirect Units:
4 x ₹ 11,XXX = ₹ 44,XXX
Total Units: 6
Total Earnings: ₹ 66,XXX

We might have 1000+ Contacts saved in your family phones.

We can share this with 100+ peoples which is close ones.

If a Few Families will join & share the same way just like us, don’t you think the Total Number in your team can Compounding Double by itself and not only will our machines cost recover but we will surely get Great Rewards in many ways with our team.

This is a very exciting level of achievement because of the tremendous income you will earn in the way of awards! Not only do you continue earning from the 8 point commission structure, but you also become eligible for additional award streams!

You will be amazed at how quickly you can increase in rank and multiply your financial rewards! Even brand new distributors are finding that Enagic® has laid the foundation for immediate AND long-lasting success.

Duo (2) Machines for Small Families & Small Group Of People / Trio (3) Machines for Big Joint Families & Large Group Of People.

Duo = Perfecta

Trio = Trifecta

Fantastic Compensation 



By helping other teams to reach 6A you become 6A26A2-2 and so on…

When you become 6A2 you can officially open the “KANGEN STORE”

When You Become 6A2-3 Company Will Plant A Tree Of OUR NAME WITH COUNTRY NAME FLAG.

When We Start Receiving Monthly Income For Rest Of Our Life After 6A2-3 & Above Ranks We Can Passed On The Rights And Responsibilities Of The Distributorship To Our Nominee As We have created a huge Legacy for Our family even after Disability or Death By Rightful, Legally & Documented Manner As our Willable.

In July 2021, an Enagic® Distributor CYNTHIA BRIGANTI has achieved the rank of 6A13-7 , Mr. ROMI VERDERA achieved 6A11-7 Rank in February-2022 & Mr. Dang Nguyen Achieved Faster Rank Of 6A3-7 In August -2022 with setting a new standard of excellence!

∞ Additional Income Streams ∞

Paid daily. Available to all 6A distributors and higher. The first level 6A outside the 8 original points will earn $200 for each unit sold. The next two 6As above that will each receive $50 for each unit sold.


$20 / per unit sale


$22 / per unit sale


$23 / per unit sale


$24 / per unit sale


$25 / per unit sale

Award amount calculated depends on how many total group sales your 6A group made, and also how many direct sales you made in each month. Group sales must be within your 8 points. Paid monthly and quarterly.

Distributors who achieve the rank of 6A earn an award based on the units sold during the month they earn the 6A rank.

This award is for existing 6A distributors. The award is paid to you if one of your downline becomes 6A. The amount calculated depends on how many new 6A’s had groups sales in beginning of the past month. The award will be discontinued once you become a 6A2. In other words, you will be paid for six months for the 1st new 6A in your downline, but the 2nd new 6A’s award pays you only one time because it makes you a 6A2.


$20 / per unit sale


$22 / per unit sale


$23 / per unit sale


$24 / per unit sale


$25 / per unit sale

The incentive per 8 Level Group sale paid as follows:
A) Your quarterly total open sales are 15 and up = $14 per unit.
B) Your quarterly total open sales are 14 and below = $7 per unit.

Reg: $6, High Grade: $7

Filter commissions paid to distributors who have accumulated $250 or more monthly.

Ukon® DD customers sign up to receive an automated shipment of Kangen Ukon® every 4 months. Enagic® compensates 8 points for every Ukon® DD sale, providing distributors with long-term residual income. Each point is worth $40, and distributors must make 3 direct sales before they are eligible to receive their commission checks.

Commission Status

In addition to the Rank System, there are 4 commission statuses that will determine how much compensation you receive on each sale

Rewarding Word of Mouth
In return for their education, promotion and support, our dedicated team of distributors earn commissions. Kangen Water® quite simply, produces such profound results in peoples lives, that it’s only natural they share this with other family members, friends, neighbors, and associates. They should be rewarded for doing so!

Rerouting Profits
Other business models allow wholesalers and retailers to take the largest percentage of business profits. Enagic® believes that rerouting these profits BACK to the distribution force is the true meaning of Kangen Business. 

Positive Change Lies Within You
Our person to person business approach maximizes your return by cutting out the middle man and advertising costs that consume your money. This business model is a direct sales program, so there is no minimum and no distributor fees. As an Enagic® business owner, you are the boss, and will enjoy the flexibility of creating a strategy that best suits your lifestyle. And thankfully, you’re never alone.

Don’t Wait to Act. Use the Momentum to Fulfill Your Real Dreams & Never Make Loss Of Financial Health. We will be your leaders, your guide, your mentors. we will teach you how to do this as well. You have our full support! Every day, people are purchasing this life-changing product! They could be getting it from us! Not only are they experiencing the tremendous health benefits, but they are also reaping great financial rewards with Enagic® unprecedented compensation plan!

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